Other Renewables

Asia Pacific Renewable Energy Economics

Last year, Asia’s energy crisis led prices for carbon fuels and renewables to skyrocket due to high demand and distribution network constraints. Spot market energy prices increased electricity costs by 19% for coal and 46% for gas, making renewable sources appear more affordable.
According to Wood Mackenzie, cost escalation in solar and wind power was caused by rising equipment and logistics expenses. …

Nova Innovation Obtains UK Financial Support

The first-ever 7MW tidal energy installation for Indonesia, an island nation in Southeast Asia, might be installed with the help of money awarded to Scotland-based tidal power business Nova Innovation.
The FLITE project from Nova will develop a feasibility assessment for a 7MW tidal installation in the Larantuka Strait after receiving a £200,000 grant from Innovate UK. The Larantuka Strait, which separates the beaches of Flores and Adonara, boasts one of Indonesia’s fiercest tides.

How Tidal Energy May Become Reliable Viable Energy

Tidal stream energy has the opportunity to become one of the most competitive and dependable renewable electricity sources on the planet, according to renewable energy expert Bureau Veritas, which has applauded the government’s interest in investing in the UK’s tidal energy business.
The CfD program, which allows renewable energy entrepreneurs from all over Britain to submit bids for a share of £…