Energy Storage

ReNew Collaborates on Energy Storage

India’s energy demand decreased under COVID, but it quickly rebounded as industrial activity increased, and the recent high heat increased the need for cooling.
ReNew Power, an Indian renewable power firm, has signed a collaborative arrangement with Stanford University’s Precourt Institute and its StorageX Program. StorageX is an academic-industry collaboration aimed at addressing the most important real-world difficulties in energy storage.
ReNew’s partnership with StorageX will first focus on …

Hydrostor’s New Power Storage Initiative

Hydrostor, a producer of long-term energy storage solutions, has revealed the latest findings from an ACIL Allen third-party economic benefit analysis for the 200 MW A-CAES program near Broken Hill, New South Wales.
About these financial advantages, the A-CAES project provides the secluded mining community with a critical long-term electricity serviceability solution that does not depend on oil, thereby erasing …

Asia Pacific’s Reliance on Energy Storage

The widespread use of fossil energy for a range of uses, including transportation and energy production, has had a considerable detrimental impact on the environment, causing climate change.
A new study of grid-scale power storage business models reveals opportunities to maximize numerous revenue streams and optimize investments.
Adequate grid interconnections and grid-scale energy reserves are required to boost investor trust and assist the Asia Pacific in delivering reliable, inexpensive, and sustainable energy. …