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Cost-Efficient Backside Print Inspection on ASYS SPC 01

ASYS has announced the successful product launch of the SPC 01 with ASYS Backside Print Inspection that can help customers to drive down manufacturing costs. The ASYS Backside Print Inspection is already proven in mass production with 8 systems installed.

The SPC 01 Post Print Inspection guarantees control of the print quality with real-time feedback to the operators. A large variety of optical resolutions can be used for the inspection of front side and backside prints, offering a selected level of inspection quality at a certain cost level. The SPC 01 is the most cost-effective solution for the inspection of backside prints on square or pseudo-square cells with 2 or 3 bus bars in the cell design.

Illumination System in SPC01 ASYS BSI

Enhanced Contrast Through Enhanced Illumination
The machine features a 5 MPixel camera for high resolution image acquisition with less than 95?m pixel resolution on the cell. An enhanced illumination system provides backside illumination for “Edge Detection”, dome illumination for “Busbar Inspection” and large-angle illumination for “BSF Inspection”.

Powerful Image Processing and Image Analysis Software
The ASYS Backside Print Inspection utilizes powerful image processing and image analysis software. The software enables an easy product setup in the engineering level allowing adjustable 2D Fourier filter settings for defect detection, adjustable threshold settings for defect identification, and adjustable range settings for defect classification. The SPC 01 offers reporting of all measured data in a CSV file format for monitoring of trends and allows saving of the raw images for re-processing of the data with modified parameter settings. A user-friendly HMI reduces training time and guarantees safe operation, while optional remote access provides easy support of process ramp-up and maintenance. Further software options like database connection and offline re-processing software are available.

Image of a cell with sizes and positions of BSF and two busbars

Proven Machine Platform
The SPC 01 is a proven machine platform that sets a benchmark in machine uptime and maintainability. Throughput rates of 1600 cph can be achieved in the high-speed version, and can be increased to 3200 cph in the Dual Lane configuration. Further options of the SPC 01include a lift function for defect cells and a guide-less wafer re-centering.

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